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Bday cake!
Saturday, 28 September 2013 | 0 Comments

I'm really got so suprised! After my mum back form her work. suddenly my mom call me! Shira ! and I quickly find the sound who call me. then I saw my mom smile to me :) and I saw her hand hold a box of cake! and she continue, here you are. your birthday cake! and I replied why you buy me the cake? My birthday is over mom... and my mom continued, its was just 2 day ago. and it's just around :) and I says thank you to my mom :D
I thought on my birthday just a regular dinner with family and the kfc :) alhamdulillah. i'm so suprised! thank you allah. thank you mom and dad. What a happy day on my life ever!
so this is my birthday cake ! :)
I guess it's really delicious . honest I still not taste it! I'm just suprised to update it first ! :) Hahaha


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