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My Interest
Monday, 17 September 2012 | 0 Comments

Hai everyone :D
How are you all ? Fine ? Okay ? 
I hope that you all are fine now :) Haha . Alamak ! I just like typing a letter plak !  Okay never mind . 
Yesterday , I was thinking what should I update for my new entry ? Now I gets some idea :) For those no interest to read my entry just leave from my page as soon as possible .
Okay 3 days later , I try to search about Taylor Swift and I upload all of her picture using my phone . Then , I try to search her songs on youtube yesterday . All her songs was very-very awesome ! Thumb up !
Yeahhh ! I love Taylor Swift and also Taylor Lautner even they had break up </3 </3 </3
Second , 2 days later I watch football match of Arsenal . Wow they got 6 gols vs Southampton FC aka SOTON and they got 1 gols :) For soton , don't be sad okay ? hehe . lose once not mean you lose forever . btw gud luck ! 
From that you all know that I love Arsenal FC <3 <3 <3
Third , yesterday I search on youtube to hear a song . suddenly , at youtube home I see this 声动亚洲 and this 声动亚洲 Asian Wave . I try to open this and tadaa.. oma what a soft voice heard to my ear .
And from this you all know that I love Shila Amzah <3 <3 <3
Fourth , yesterday . I try to check up what is interesting of Iphone 5 on youtube . Wowww , really awesome you know ? Better and good than Iphone 4s . Haha , I try to buy one this Iphone 5 . I want my mum get jelous . Haha . but no enough money :( I'll gets 8A . I try . If I get 8A . My school's PIBG will give those gets 8A in PMR RM100. but not enough to buy this Iphone 5. Fyi:: I really-really want this Iphone 5!!! Please help me :( 
And from That all of the story , you know that i was waste my time for 3 days ! OMA . I don't think I gets benefits what I do the past :( useless ! PMR is coming soon . 21 more days . You all please pray for me :) Wish for me luck ! Tqvm <3 


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