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Welcome - Baking Class :)
Saturday, 12 May 2012 | 0 Comments

SMK Bukit Jalor, 8 May -
Kelas memasak , KHB (Ert) Kerja Khusus
Lazy nakk taip panjang-2 ! Have enjoy with the pict.

Me with Intan 
Diyana with Me 
Call me Shira ^^
Kanak-kanak ribena ! Yeahh !
Mira with Diyana 
Srimathi with Samini 
That is Me . So hard working rite ? XD
My lovely friend - I always bully her ^^v
Kuatt touching , that Mira :)
Diyana aka anod . HAHA :b
Me with Fatihah , Diyana and Edah !
Kak Long with Me and dats delicious cake .
Hoho ^^v SOoo ugly capital art !
Dats is crazy and funkeyy class of form3 and with our teacher Pauziah <3
Yummy Butter cake made by chinese student :)
 Intan , me and Diyana - Anak beranak ^^v

 Whoaa . Fun day ever XD
With EMITED ^^v