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I Love It ♥
Monday, 30 April 2012 | 0 Comments

Haiii , 
How long I don't update ?
This post I would like to write english writing .
To improve my BI , Bahasan Inggeris not Bahasa India Okayy ?
HAHA , but not write with english US language .
I would like to write English Rojak ! U know ?
HAHA (: Read it first and you will know it ^^
 Okayy , last thursday my father get a surprise for me and my second brother .
In JJ Aeon Malacca , act my father want to buy a handbag for my mother .
But tiada yang berkenan dihati . 
Then my father singgah kejap dkat kdai Phone . Then he ask me , nak phone ?
Hanya tuhan jea yang tahu bertapa :) :) :)

Okayy This belongs to me , This is mine now (:
My brother yang punya :)

That all :) Thank you a lots Ayah  


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