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GIVEAWAY by Atiqah Norazli
Sunday, 14 August 2011 | 3 Comments

Hadiah lumayan menanti ,  jom kte semua join . Dsini !!!


making-sweetness tempat pertama : topup RM50
making-sweetness tempat kedua : topup RM30
making-sweetness tempat ketiga : topup RM10
making-sweetness saguhati utk 2 org shj : topup RM5

Sharing is caring ,
Caring is loving .

Tarikh Tutup : 5 September 2011


Blogger AtiqahFaiz said...

thnkz join k..
gud luck yea

Blogger Shira Nur said...

uke , thx atiqah :)

Blogger diarywan said...

Nie btol ahh nie klau join dpt hadiah nie...hehehe


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